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The Versatile and Powerful Toyota Tundra

What makes a truck so great? Its versatility. And when it comes to versatility, the Toyota Tundra is second to none! You can go anywhere and do anything with the Toyota tundra. Go for an off-road adventure in your backyard or for a cross-country family trip in style and comfort with all of the different features packed into the Toyota Tundra.

Why You Want the Tundra for Your Next Adventure

There are so many reasons to check out the latest model of the Toyota Tundra. One of the top reasons to check out the Toyota Tundra is its customizability. With six trims, three grades, and two drivetrains per grade available, there are seventeen different options for you to choose from when looking at your next Toyota Tundra. One of the most impressive is the TRD Pro version for those of you who love to go on off-road adventures! To go with the different trims, there are eleven different colors to paint your Tundra with to make it your own. On the interior, there are four different designs to choose from. The most unique of these being the 1794 edition interior that offers a vintage luxury look that is perfect for your premium truck. The Tundra also features technology like the 7" touch-screen display with built in traffic-sensing navigation and Entune® App Suite to keep you and your passengers entertained for hours.

The Tundra Has Been at the Top for Years

The Tundra has been a timeless classic in the Toyota lineup. Being first introduced in 1964, the Tundra has spent the past sixty years being an example of perfection to all other trucks in the industry. The Tundra started off its run with "The Stout" version of the truck which has been described as a "homely beast" to some that drove it. In 1969, the modern line of the Tundra was born and officially deemed the "Hi-Lux" line of the Tundra. This line has gone through eight different revisions in the time since 1969 with the most recent redesign being in 2005. Some of the major changes have been: increases in efficiency and power, plus the addition of new technology to the vehicle. Through all of these changes and revisions, the Toyota Tundra has become one of the most customizable and powerful trucks on the road today.

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