Mike Shaw Toyota Tire Repair

Bring your Toyota vehicle into our tire service center near Corpus Christi and our tire service technicians will check the tread and wear on your Toyota tires. If you need new tires, Mike Shaw Toyota has a great selection in our tire shop at fair prices. We often run tire specials or provide tire coupons. If you just need a tire repaired or fixed, our Toyota service department will try to mend them if possible, making sure that they are safe and road-worthy, based on driving conditions around the Corpus Christi area. We also provide tire rotation and wheel alignment if your Toyota vehicle needs it.

Do You Need New Tires?

Your tires are one of the important parts of your vehicle. Your tire's traction is what "holds" your Toyota vehicle on the roads in Corpus Christi, especially when driving in non-perfect conditions like rain, slush, and snow. Tire tread directs water and slush from between your tire and the road, maintaining your traction. Tire tread plays a huge role in how quickly your Toyota vehicle can stop when the brakes are applied. The tread wears down because of all the friction from driving around. After so much wear and tear it is very important to replace your tires. There are several ways to check if you need new tires or not. When the tread on your tires are thin enough to where the "thread wear bars" between each tread are even you should get your tires replaced. You should also get them replaced if they are worn down to less than 1/16th of an inch or if the tire has visible cracks in the sidewalls. Even if you never see any of these factors, you should at least replace your tires every ten years because if you don't, dry rot will begin to take place and will increase your chances of a blow-out.

New Tires and How They Help

New tires make all the difference when you drive. You can feel it as soon as you replace your old ones. It makes it easier and smoother to turn, stop, and can even increase your gas mileage! This happens because older tires don't hold as well to the ground, which in turn causes more friction and energy to be needed to get up to speed. If you are a driver that likes to accelerate fast then this is a pretty big deal when it comes to how much gas you spend! Having new tires has a huge effect between 65,000 and 100,000 miles. Although saving money on gas and having an overall better driving experience are great, there is also a safety aspect that needs to be taken into consideration when determining whether to invest in new tires or not. Don't put it off and be sure about the safety of you and any passenger you may take on.

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Whenever you need a new set of tires we are here to help! Our Service Department has a large selection of tires to choose from to fit your budget and vehicle needs. We also offer Service Specials that can help you save even more! Schedule online for your convenience or stop by our Toyota dealership near Corpus Christi today. You can also call us at (361) 687-2147 if you have any questions or concerns.

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