Mike Shaw Toyota Vehicle Alignment

Why It's Important to Keep Up With Tire Alignment

Tire alignment is important in maintaining good gas mileage and keeping you safe. People don't often think to keep up with whether their tires are aligned or not, but it is something worth keeping an eye on. If your tires are out of alignment then one side will wear down faster. This wear will mean replacing your tires more often and could lead to a possible blowout. When you get your tires realigned it helps you prolong the life of your tires and helps you save on gas money. It will also help your ride feel smoother as you drive around Calallen and Corpus Christi in your Toyota.

How Do Tires Get Out of Alignment?

The alignment of your Toyota vehicle can get thrown off very easily, which may come as a surprise. There are several things that can cause this, including: wear and tear on the road, accidentally hitting a curb, pot holes, or getting in an accident. Here at Mike Shaw Toyota we have the necessary tools to check your alignment beyond what the human eye can detect and down to tenths and hundredths of inches. It is because of these small increments and how easy it is to throw your tires out of alignment that you should check it regularly to keep from having to spend unnecessary amounts of money on new tires.

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Have Our Service Center Check Your Alignment

Let our Service Department check your alignment by coming in to Mike Shaw Toyota or scheduling an appointment online. You can also call us at (361) 551-0656 for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your Toyota vehicle. Start saving money on tires today by letting our professionals service your vehicle and get the alignment of your tires right!

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