Toyota Safety Sense

The next stage of Toyota's active safety technology has arrived...

As cars continue to become safer and more convenient, Toyota has taken the next step toward a new dimension of comprehensive integrated safety.  This is Toyota Safety Sense.

Keep reading to explore the latest safety advancements to our new Toyota lineup.

Ultimately, the key to safe driving lies with the driver.  However, the driver can be aided when possible to help avoid accidents caused by sudden occurrences.

Toyota packaged several active safety features, including Pre-Collision System to support collision avoidance or mitigate damage, Lane Departure Alert to help prevent deviation from traffic lanes, Automatic High-beams to enhance front visibility at night, and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control to automatically maintain a safe distance while cruising.

The system detects vehicles on the road ahead with the single-lens camera and laser radar, and also helps the vehicle avoid or take reduced damage from collisions.

Degree of danger is assessed from the position, speed, and predicted path of one's own vehicle, as well as the speed and position of other vehicles.  If the system determine there is a possibility of collision, the system will alert the driver with audio and visual warnings.  If the driver applies insufficient pressure on the brake, the system will assist.  If the driver fails to brake completely, the system will apply the brakes automatically.

The single-lens camera detects white or yellow lines to ascertain vehicle position.

This system alerts the driver if their vehicle deviates from its lane.  The onboard single lens camera detects the vehicle's position relative to the white or yellow lane markings, and when the car begins to leave its lane without turn signal activation, the driver is warned with an audible and visual alert.

Switching automatically between high and low beams to ensure excellent visibility during nighttime driving.

Automatic High Beams (AHB) detects light sources such as the headlights or tail lights of vehicles ahead.  The system automatically switches between high beams and low beams to ensure optimum nighttime visibility.  This also helps vehicles detect pedestrians at night from further away.

This system automatically maintains a safe distance from preceding vehicles to alleviate the burden on drivers when driving for long periods on highways.

Speed is automatically adjusted as the onboard millimeter-wave radar monitors the distance from the preceding vehicle.  In addition, lane changes of preceding vehicles are detected for smoother deceleration.  Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is also available with the All-speed Tracking Function that can maintain safe distances even at low speeds caused by traffic congestion.

Toyota will continue to take on new challenges on the way to achieving the ultimate desire of zero fatalities and injuries from traffic accidents.  

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