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The Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is really a car to behold. With its bold exterior, you will get many people asking "What kind of car is that?". With its sporty interior, you and your passengers will be riding in ultimate comfort on the available Ultrasuede® seats that help you enjoy the drive even more. All of the available features and technology available inside of the Camry will keep you and your passengers entertained and rocking out throughout your entire drive. If you are worried about gas mileage, then have no fear because the Camry will keep you away from the gas stations with excellent gas millage that is bound to impress.

What has changed in the Toyota Camry?

There are many cars in the automobile industry to choose from; however, the Camry is a heavy contender for being one of the best out of all of them. What makes the Camry so much different from other vehicles is three things: its customizability, its feature-rich interior, and its powerful engine.  There are seven distinct models to choose from, with three of them being hybrid models to get you that extra bang for your buck. You also have the choice between ten distinct colors to make your Camry your own.  On the interior, the features and technology that are packed into your vehicle are numerous. Some of them include: a moon-roof, a set of paddle-shifters, a JBL® GreenEdgeTM audio system, a 7-inch touch-screen display with the Entune® App Suite and available integrated navigation with traffic, a Qi-wireless charger, and much more!  Under the hood, the base Camry's 3.5-liter V6 engine with 268 HP packs a punch that can get you going in a hurry to keep you safe from danger; adding onto that, the hybrid version of the Camry adds an electric motor with Hybrid Synergy Drive® technology to balance out your fuel efficiency and get you even more mpg.

The Camry Basics

The Toyota Camry has a long history of excellence and style since it has been on the market. Coming onto the market in 1983, it has seen many revisions and remodels to cater to new customers, to keep up with changing markets, and to smash its rivals in its class. 1987 marked the first year of the second generation of the Camry with most of the changes coming in the form of a boosted engine and a redesigned, sleeker interior.  Another redesign did not happen until 1992 when the North American market was displaying a fondness towards larger cars. That's when the Camry was expanded in almost every dimension by up to six inches with a new engine to power its increased size. Continuing its five year design cycle, the Camry was redesigned again in 1997. This redesign brought a more angular design to the Camry, a broader range of trim levels expanding it to seven, and a more powerful engine. In 2002, the Camry was redesigned again to have a more upscale and elegant look and feel, and Toyota also streamlined its trim levels to make it easier on the consumer. Finally, we get to the current generation that was redesigned in 2007 to switch back to a more angular and aggressive body style with only four trims offered. The Toyota Camry has a rich and diverse history that has changed throughout the times to keep it top of its class.

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